Beware - How to Join

Hi.. *smile*.. seph here...

The cost of joining Beware is $5.00/month plus a one time set up fee of $10.00 when your account is first created.

The cost of moving an account from one of the other chat sites to Beware is $10.00. Be sure you have read the "Moving Information" before proceeding.

There are no lifetime citizenships available for purchase at Beware.

In general, the same terms and conditions apply for Beware as for The State of Insanity.

If you want to join Beware, you have a choice of paying your taxes by credit card, or by mail.

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Instructions for Credit Card

If you wish to pay by credit card then click
here for the secure server.

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Instructions for Snail Mail

If you want to pay by mail, then send me, seph, a letter and include:

The Letter should be mailed to:
Beware c/o State Of Insanity
P.O. Box 51045
Colorado Springs, CO 80949-1045

Thanks.. *smile*.. love..seph

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