Beware - How to Move

Hi.. *smile*.. seph here...

The cost of moving an account from SOI, The Resort, The Mansion, SOE, or GOR to Beware is a $10.00 set up fee.

Please be aware that 'moving' your account, means simply that I will delete it from the current chat site, and then create a new one at Beware with your current start and expiration dates. You must give me a new primary name for the new account, and the name must be a name which is available at Beware.

I will not move any of the rooms.. or any of the nicknames associated with your old account. In addition, any room conversations you have archived will be lost. Lastly, any files you have FTPed to the site, for room or home page purposes, will also be lost.

So, the 'move' to Beware is actually a delete of your current account, and the creation of a brand new account. You will need to recreate your rooms and your nicknames if you wish to do so and if they are not already taken. Also, once you move, you cannot move back, without again paying the $10.00 set up fee.

Okay.. so if you still wish to move.. click here.

Thanks.. *smile*.. love..seph

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